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Fenech Farm is a family run business producing high quality, ethical, pastured free range eggs. We are located in in Broadford in North Central part Victoria. 

At Fenech Farm we are dedicated to ensuring the health and welfare our hens. Our "Pastured" system of caring for hens ensures they are kept as naturally as possible for domesticated chickens. Our pastured eggs are produced from hens housed in mobile trailers that are moved onto fresh pasture every few days. This housing system ensures that the hens are free to roam, flap their wings, scratch for bugs and eat fresh grass.

We are very proud that Fenech Farm has a stocking density of just 150 birds per hectare, which means we well and truly exceed the national standards for chicken stocking densities for a free range egg farm. Compare this to the stocking density of the major supermarkets (10,000 hens per hectare) and see why our eggs are the superior choice.

Our pastured system ensures that only the freshest and most nutritious eggs are available to our customers, and that our hens are a happy, healthy bunch of girls!